Is this problem to be expected when stacking objects

I stack a really flattened box one on top of the other and when it gets to a certain point they start sinking in on each other. But when I decrease the mass of the stack of flat boxes on top of the lower stack it doesn’t, and if I continue be able to make very tall physical structures. Just want to know, is this a problem of most to all physics engines available? And will the likelyhood of mass related sinking be decreased in 2.42.

The things I was stacking looked simply like a box that was flattened.

Originally, I thought it had to do with the fact that if the items you stack on top weigh, in total, more than the bottom object, they would fall. However, I tested that theory out and found out that it doesn’t work beyond the second box (or the second box just takes a VERY long time to fall off).

Then the dotted circle (representing the size of the object in the game engine) reminded me about this topic I found about it. This brought me to the idea of using bounds. So far, it’s working, it must’ve been more than a minute and four boxes (left to their default settings, even in the logic brick) haven’t fallen off. All it took was to enable the Bound and change it to Box.

Sorry if the answer seems a bit long winded, I’m new to Blender, so I want to help other newbie by showing them how I got to my answer.

Also, if it’s not necessary, disable the actor under Logic. You end up using more resources if too many objects in your scene are moving, especially in the beginning. I found this out when I tried to make an escalator, my framerate (while draw mode was at wireframe) dropped past 100 frames (from the usual high 100’s to low 200’s) just because it has to keep on adding objects and moving them (the movement was done in IPO. Each steps were individual primatives with only two faces).

Anyway, I’m going to end this before I get more off topic :slight_smile:

I hope it helped.

yes, all physics engines have issues with large masses [particularly a massive something on something not massive, much more so when they collide], tall stacks [lots of objects] and thin objects.

I would expect 2.42 not to be significantly changed in this respect, but I haven’t heard one way or another.

Um, all the boxes were the same mass, I guess Erwin could try to improve the situation but if even such engines like Havok and Aigea(Novodex) has it then I’m guessing it would require more research into the area or they may have to revise coding techniques.