Is this project doable with Blender

Hello, I’m learning python because I want to focus on scripting but I was wondered if it’s possible with blender to make a football game or tennis game. Like style fifa.

Anyone interested in help thinking about it?

Yes of course you can do both of your favourite games. It is possible, even in the bge.

those are easy, but you have to think fifa 2004, your characters will have to be boxes because blender does not have physically based animations. if you are smart enough you can make it work using IKs and rigid bodies, or applying impulses to the ball using python when a player kicks it.
for a tennis game you can make a wii style tennis easily, with the rackets being static objects parented to a bone, and move the armature using python. you could do something more “professional” if you are a good enough modeler.

I made a football game once.

that’s rugby.

uh, no sweety. This is called football.

Both are correct here, in Europe it’s called rugby in America it’s called (american)football.

Actually,Commonwealth counties called it rugby.America called it football.