is this render realtime? ??

is this real time ?

Is this a rhetorial question? Is this also the beginning of one of your BGE virtual reality collaboration thingamajiig flag weaving threads…

I am not sure. But I can’t see anything that could not be done in a state of the art game engine. Keep in mind that almost everything is static which helps a lot to create this kind of visualization.

Is this just fantasy?

Ha !

no seriously, was just wondering if this was realtime,

I did see something about ray tracing hardware acceleration the other day,
I wonder how long it will be before something like cycles will be realtime?
(accurate reflections caustic etc)

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Yes and no, you’re essentially seeing a realtime walkthrough of a lot of pre-processed data. The reflections will be baked to cubemaps. The Global illumination (I can’t be sure there have been some impressive improvements to realtime GI) will be pre-rendered and baked to the textures. The models will have had high poly versions that will have been used to bake texture maps, then applied to low poly versions to give the illusion of detail.

Essentially, we’re a long way off seeing “true” realtime representations of this kind of stuff with readily available processing power, but we can fake it well.

N.B I’ve stayed fairly vague with my explanation because I’m not 100% on the terminology to use to describe accurately. This isn’t really my area.

Real time video though light maps (GI) are still baked… there’s still no real time secondary & tertiary bounces, which would make every lighting & look developer dream come true :spin:…

Well you can have it by using/employing one of the supercomputers

That could have passed for real except those flames, they were a giveaway

It’s in the video description:

“Appartment Interactive presentation on Unreal Engine”

So you linked and posted the video but didn’t notice the title Unreal flat, that the author of the video on vimeo added the sub heading that it was interactive and that at the end of the video it says it was done in Unreal Engine. You seriously didn’t notice of all this…

And why wouldn’t you believe this was in real time. Hell the average fps has levels that are way more complex then this in terms of geometry, textures and lights.

While I shake my head in disbelief the short answer is that yes it is real time. I still kinda of think you knew this was in real time even before you posted

Was my impression too. Looks like a salesman trick (not even a good one).

This is some kind of shill thread, isn’t it…

no seriously, was just wondering if this is a shill thread.

Appartment Interactive presentation on Unreal Engine.

Hey BPR, here is a secret.

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To be fair, the GPL doesn’t prevent anyone from selling software.

And while Unreal Engine costs no money and the source is available, it is neither Free Software (as defined by the Free Software Foundation) nor is it Open Source Software (as defined by the Open Source Initiative).

I’m being a bit pedantic, I know, and my intention is not to derail this thread with yet another discussion on licensing (we can start a new thread for that if you’d like). But the terms you’re using have definitions and it would be best if we adhered to them.

A lot of the effects can already be done with baking(except the reflections of course.)

All I know is,
I highly doubt that any of this isn’t pre calculated.

Oh nevermind… the flames do show up in the reflections


So no realtime cubemap reflections,
but for the most part its real time.
its probably not dynamic lighting either,

and people, go make art, have fun,

you should not be waiting to jump on unsuspecting thread posters,

you can assume, that from me asking a question,
I wanted more information, I am not a masochist that enjoys your antics.

It could very well be all dynamic lighting there is no way to know for sure but ask the artist who did this, how the did this.

its probably not dynamic lighting either,

Actually one of the key features of Unreal engine 4 and Unity 5 is Global illumination, so it could be.

I agree my comment could be misleading, i wasn’t referring to the FSF and OSI definition though, but that you can get UE4 for free (gratis), and get the source to modify, fork and contribute to it, if you want.