Is this sad or what?

Ok, so today I was clicking around and ran into the Home page for … the sad part is: I didn’t even know there is a front page to the site! :o I’ve been on the forums since 2005 and have set the forums as my default home page, so I’ve never gone to the front page until today! lol! How sad is that? :yes:
Looks good, btw!

it happens to me too … :o

:slight_smile: I’m trying to promote it more. Statistics show most of the people still go directly to the forum though.


Ha, Ive known abotu it forever, but yeah, I just use the forums more frequently, so I dont even bother with the home page.

Thanks for keeping these forums going Goofster!

Hmm, I think I should clarify that my ineptitude is what is sad… no reflection on the site!