Is this something someone can use with the bge?

is this something someone can use with the bge?here is the link.

Yes, but know that signals are only available on Unix systems (Linux/Mac) and not Windows.

Also, the deadline system they have assumes that functions will execute in foreground, but if you want something to run for 5 seconds, you would need to run it in a thread/process or split its work to work with coroutines (asyncio). At which point it is more a problem of using threading that anything else.

A more appropriate question would be: What would you do of it?


you can get a “wake up” event by listen to a timer property (e.g. via property sensor).

i was thinking someone could use it.

Indeed, but the question is always: To what end?

to improve on the framerate of a videogame made in the bge.

I don’t think that would necessarily improve fps.