Is this the Easiest way to make carpet?

I was just messing around and chatting on #BlenderChat when I found what must be the simplest way to make carpet.


  • Delete the default cube

  • Make a plane

  • Subdivide thrice (Wkey subdivide)

  • Scale it up a bit

  • Press tab to go to object mode

  • Press Shift D and place it at 0x0x0 (on top of the other plane)

  • Render

Note: It doesn’t recalculate every frame so its safe for animations

Another Note: If you don’t want the checkerboard, then don’t subdivide it

that’s called ‘z-fighting’. it happens when you have two meshes occupying the same space. You might try static particles too. They can give a nice fuzzy effect if set up properly.

Why not a good texture with bump/disp mappping?(or static particles).

those options may be good, but this way is the lazy mans way

Another thing - it may change appearance if you move the camera, since a different plane may come to the surface. Try it (to be honest, I don’t know this, but I’d like to)!