is this the future of game animation??

I was doing a little reading this morning and came across this…

Watch the video.

I really don’t know how it works or how versatile it is but it really seems like a technology to look out for.

Anyway… I’m wondering what other peoples thoughts are on this… is it scary or is it cool?

I don’t think it will change much, it has already been used in games (like GTA).

I think there are only 2 types of animation for games.

  1. vertex(baked bone animation and shape keys)
    2.bone animation(influence verticies using bones)
    I do not see any “new” animation technology here…am I being short sighted or blind here?

blind yes.
the animation is being computer generated

animation being generated is not really a new thing,
it being real-time & the ‘logic’ stuff behind it,
that makes it awesome though, yeah. :cool:

I saw this quite a while ago on BA. I think it’s awesome, imagine a world of these people reacting to their evniriment and eachother.

well you can even make a computer generated animation game in flash. i’ve seen one before. it worked pretty well. the guy had running animations, jumping animations and everything else. it was all done with IK constraints or something.

I believe this was also used in the force unleashed.

i don’t think that it would replace animator any time soon i think it’s good for crowd simulation but for the main characters
i would want there movement pre recorded or else if what the say in the web site is true u will end with a slightly different walk cycle every time
unless the difference is not that noticeable and you end with the same walk for every one and your character will be without character
maybe it can be used to generate the animation then tweak it
that said i never did any animation so i maybe completely wrong… :slight_smile:

Mario 64?

Natural motion have a world class reputation for delivering technology that is artist controlled and performance based.

whilst I’ve not used this latest stuff I’ll bet replacing the animator has nothing to do with it.

in video games it’s highly desirable to add layers of behavior that can cope with a large range of inputs to make emotionally believable characters.This never replaces the animator, just changes the nature of the job…

the ultimate video game is the game that responds directly to the imagination of the player, eventually game developers will be the players themselves, making up their games in real time as they sit on their couch, or even while they are sleeping, you can kick box against your cousin in the middle of a supernova, meanwhile all the animations are being translated in to and out of by such computer technology

no middle men like with books and television unless you want their to be, which you probably would sometimes