Is this the place to introduce myself?

Just thought I should post something about myself rather than just jumping around from thread to thread. I started in Maya years ago in school and after that I left the 3d world behind for some time. Well I’m back and feeling a bit like a caveman.

I did some small work in Blender a little less than a year ago for a mobile game and decided to learn it in earnest. Things have gotten so strange with the subscription stuff and the prices of some of these apps. so I looked towards the cheaper graphic design and 3d apps. I recommend getting your hands on Paint tool Sai for lineart if you can. It’s a japanese app and suffers a typo or two but it’s the best line art app I know, including manga studio. Anywho that’s my meet and greet for now.

It’s not a bot \o/ !

Welcome from me to…and nothing with bots that disagree with the digestion to some.

I am so not a bot. 100% authent-authenti-authe-erm real! thanks for the welcome Kbot!

Welcome to BA! Any chance we can see your work from the mobile game? Either way if you’ve got questions about blender there are tons of people willing to help here.

Well it was a low poly puzzle game so trust me it’s not something to look at in awe. but I did finish a character recently and posted it in finished work. He was my first rig,sculpt,and texture. EDIT: sorry for not replying sooner. I just started doing work on a fan game. if it’s cool with the project leader I’ll post it in the work in progress section.

EDIT: EDIT How’d that Dark City project go Geometricity?!!

Hmmm…it’s called 1st ever. because of it’s nature as a fan project it got me the most recent project as well. go figure.