Is this the place to put a request?

I would like to request a model. Its pretty outside of my current scope. (regardless of the tutorials I’ve been though)
Where would I ask for such a request, I hate to be a bother.:frowning:

I think this is a good place for your request. What kind of model did you have in mind?

Its kind of shameful that this is out of my scope, But I guess I’m not ready.
A normal sized male, with skin that looks like brushed silver. Thats all. Well, I should be able to experiment the rest but, I always botch my attempts at making the actual form and textures. :frowning: My proverbial dice hate me I guess. (Table Top game Reference)

Low poly is fine, I know how to make it look high poly.

There are plenty of free figures out there. Look at BlenderSwap.

For free figures look at 3D content sites. I recommend: ShareCG, Renderosity, and Daz3D.

ShareCG has some nice human figures. Renderosity and Daz3D cater more to the pre-made 3D content. Also do a forum search on here, there’s been some good free models given out.

The human body is not as hard as you might think. Of course, there are difficult sections to model but with time and patience (and a lot of reference) you’ll do good.

It’s Probably cause i didn’t have good reference. I will try Share CG and see about references. And Daz 3d is free?
The thing that gives me the most issue is i can’t seem to get a texture for Brushed steel(silver) to look good on a human.

Daz 3d is free plus has a lot of free content.

Thanks D, Can’t wait to begin.