Is this the right way of setting up a miulticam animation?

So I have this archviz scene. A kitchen.
I want to make a video, that consist of a couple of different shots. Lets say 5 camera’s that each have there own movement.

they way i did it now is:

  • I gave each camera 150 frames (3 seconds on 50fps).
  • I keyframed camera A on frame 1 and frame 150 and gave it its movement on that range.
  • I keyframed camera B on frame 151 and frame 300 … etc etc
  • Then I binded the cameras on their starting frames. So I bound camera B to frame 151… So it switches cameras on the right frame

This works…but im not sure this is the right way to do it. So i just want to check if this is the correct way. Because when I want to edit a camera movement, I have to scroll on the time line to the right keyframes and then change them. My questions are:

  • is there a way to edit the camera’s keyframe, without going to the right location on the timeline to view to see the keyframes. Like a ‘local’ timeline view just for that specific camera (object)

  • and…what happens if I want to lengthen the duration of a certain shot? Is my only option to change that shot…and then manually slide all the following keyframes (of the other cameras) to the right?

  • and lastly… Do i need markers in my timeline to bind that frame to a camera? it seems to be working fine without markers… what is the use of them?