Is this the way I should work?

I just drawed a plan for how I gonna work with scripting for a little game ( gonna be simulated ) just wanna know if its the right way im going

( and dont mind the drawings, they are just there, for when i got a penzil an a papir Il start drawing stuff all over the place )

little story about the game, subsimdev is the name or just SSD, where u can play around with buttons an stuff to se what happens with the sub when u do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well It all depend’s Defferent people work defferent way’s find the way that work’s best for you :wink: I work like this First I draw a model of a sword example then I take a picture of it with my degital camera and put in on my desktop then I import the image in blender and add it to a plane then I scale the plane with my image so it fits the camera view then I start modeling it :smiley: I tryed other ways but my way works best for me :wink: Well Then I gtg right now Cya.

And When I do plans for my project’s I wrtie them I dont draw picture’s I find that writing it out work’s very good with me :wink:


Like death said, it really depends on what works for you.

This is how I would go about it:

    1) Sit down and think about it
         a) What kind of a game you want to make?
         b) The look/style of your game?
         c) What you can do with blender? (be realistic)
    2) Doodle (yes, doodle)
         a) Start drawing a variety of objects that you would possibly want 
            to end up in your game
         b) Redraw
         c) Draw some more
    3) Pick the sketches you like the most out of the doodles and redraw 
        them into a "reference picture" (a picture displaying the front, and 
        side view of your character or anything else that you would want to

    1) Import a reference sketch into blender as a background image
    2) Model 
    3) Texture

    1) Skin & Rig any characters (or anything else) that requires mesh 
    2) Use IPO curves to fine tune any animations (if any need to be fine 
       tuned that is).

------Scripting/Logic brick setup---------
    1) Use logic bricks & python (if necessary) to add the desired 
       events/functions to your game.

------Final touches/Exacutable------
    1) Anything that you find to be "lacking" in any way or form, go back
       and fix it, or at least make it better.
    2) Run and test the game yourself
    3) Make an executable
    4) Upload and share with the community.

These are just broad strokes, but if you plan everything right in the beggining, you should have less trouble in the end. I know that’s just plain logic, but there are so many people who don’t pick up on that (I was one of them).

Im glad your taking time to plan things out.

Good luck.

Intriguing doodle/concept there man, if you can get that style across into a small demo/game then it`ll be great. :slight_smile:


If I were you I would draw boxes on toilet paper and do your design that way. When making games, never start at the computer, you’ll just shoot yourself in the foot. Doodles are cool man… Wierd, we have very similar doodling patterns.

Rizzo>> damn hehe allready started the computer, hmm but then again didn’t get far from where I start so hope I didnt shoot my self :smiley: and about the doodles thats cool :slight_smile:

iconjunky>> will try but when i start doing anything serios I can’t stop making them realistic, so its gonna be hard for me to follow that guide line… yet :wink:

Social>> thanks that will help alot with my planning :smiley: ( can se that I skip som part of it, never thought of it anyway so this is really a great help )

Death>> Ja did start with text but then after af while I start drawing :smiley: so can’t help my self :wink:

here is yet another one design consept for the sub:

but not yet final, think there is to much info for the GE here, but then again looks cool :slight_smile: I hope

You’d want to start with the sketch pad or line paper. If you start with the computer, you run the risk of constant change of direction in your game. Basicly because, your developing on a whim or a stoke of idea. Develop all ideas on paper. The common thing to do is scan them in right away, let that go for now. The next thing to do is study your ideas through and through, and something that you may never heard before, but I’ll say it over and over again is create a test on all the important aspects of your game. Then assest your memory on the logistics and design of the game itself. Then you might want to bust out on the specifics of the game in Blender. Hope that helps some more.