Is this type of addon for particle hair possible for 2.8?

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this. If its the wrong place, could it pls be moved to appropriate section?
So I was wondering if this is possible for 2.8 as an addon:

But rather than shape keys, u can keyframe particle hair poses in the timeline, would be great for grass as well as hair, u can animate character touching or tying up particle hair, hair or grass blowing in the wind. Here u animate hair like 2d animation and worry less about hair all over the place, bad collision e.t.c
I also wonder if rigging cloth, ropes, would be possible with this type of addon as u can pose the hair strands and animate them easily using the comb brush as the hair strands deform the mesh.

There are so many endless possiblities with this.

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