Is ubuntu studio a good companion for Blender?

I heard there was a Ubuntu release called Ubuntu studio… optimized for multimedia productions.

Blender is in the lot (probably not the 2.44 yet though) with other softwares like

  • Avidemux
  • Cinelerra
  • Cinepaint
  • Ffmpeg
  • Jahshaka

Sounds like a very interesting stuff, always wanted to try them, but installation was always a huge problem for me…

Does it means Ubuntu Studio comes with all these applications pre-packaged ready to install?

:eyebrowlift: I would hit that…

try do download the iso cd and boot your computer with it.It should start as a live cd and then you can test it without installation.
Regular Ubuntu comes with theses packages too, just look for them in the “synaptic” package manager and validate.
The only issue about blender with linux in general is the proprietary drivers for ati’s cards. ( and some times with nvidia )

Ubuntu Studio has only just been released, as far as I can tell (i.e. today!). I would say have a look at, but it seems to be down. Basically, it used to say ‘coming this April’, but until at least yesterday said ‘coming soon…’. They struck some difficulties and in the wiki it looked like it would be some time before they ironed it out, but now it looks like it may have been released - see

No fair!
My thread came first!

See? Right here! ->-> -> Ubuntu Studio Released!:

Oh nevermind! :rolleyes:

Anyway, it doesn’t run as a live cd unfortunately - I asked on IRC at #ubuntustudio.


Their servers are SERIOUSLY overloaded! If anyone manages to get hold of the .torrent, could they upload it somewhere so the rest of us can help out with seeding?

nice idea with the torrent- i’ve been wanting to get a linux distro for a while, but dont have the time to download it regularly again (my old coppy wont work for whatever reason on my new comp)


IIRC, ubuntu studio is more oriented towards low-latency treatments for, for ex: real time editing, sound synthesis etc. They use a real-time kernel. If you do not use such features, there’s no need in ubuntu studio ^^


Never say “Kernel” to a non informatician :p…

What does the real-time kernel imply? Why is it special enough that Ubuntu release a Ubuntu Studio?

it looks pretty and has all the software i need all in one. need i ask for more? not only that it says on the site situations : 2d/3d graphics artist who need a system will all his software wrapped into one.

Is there something more in ubuntustudio than in my kubuntu 7.04 DVD ?
It looks that, except for the different kernel patches, I already have it…

Well they say it is “optimized”…

In what? To hell if I know :slight_smile:

Torrent is here

“Is ubuntu studio a good companion for Blender?”

I would say that any modern linux distro is a good companion for Blender :eyebrowlift:

I am definitely going to download this.

I saw this on Digg earlier today:

It pretty much sums up what Ubuntu Studio is. I’ve cut and pasted to answer a few questions.

The Audio task also provides a different kernel to the Video and Graphics tasks, which has low latency to enable easy JACK work, and for Gutsy we will be providing a fully realtime enabled setup.
So, for Feisty, it will be a kernel providing “low latency” (I suppose that means that you can edit audio/video (i.e. mix, apply effects, etc) in almost real-time. For Gutsy you can edit audio/video in real time.

[quote="aws357"] Why is it special enough that Ubuntu release a Ubuntu Studio? [/quote]

The release is not only about an optimized kernel. There are also some packages that aren’t currently available in Feisty repositories.

We have endeavoured to keep as many of our packages in the standard Ubuntu repositories as possible. Certain packages, such as wired and our art packages, are kept in an external repository and fully up to Ubuntu packaging standards. Be aware however, that this is only a temporary solution and we will be pushing all our packages into Ubuntu for the next release.

I hope that clears up some of the confusion. Even if is currently down, you can still access the wiki at:

Looks like a very promising setup, and hopefully Blender users can take advantage of the effort made by the Ubuntu Studio team. Good luck and happy blending!

The vanilla or stock kernel is designed to be a server at heart, and being so, Linux will schedule certain processes to run at a higher priority than others, regardless if they are in use or not. For instance, a stock kernel will always give higher priority to listening to all open ports than it ever will to Blender, Ardoure, Gimp, or anything else. This is true for most Linux processes running in the background. And this is a large part of why Linux is such a solid server.

A “real-time” kernel has a special process scheduler, (probably) based on the CK patchset (search for Con Kolivas), which allows applications to run at a much higher priority level which is determined during run time (real-time). This gives programs significantly greater access to the processor, memory, and threads; just what you want if you’re running a high performance desktop or workstation.

great idea … too bad it doesn’t install :((
(tried on two different machines … on pc one, it hangs because of the ATI gfx card and on my laptop (toshiba qosmio) it complains about hard disk issue) Ubuntu installs but grub can’t boot linux or xp soooooo … two thumbs down for now.

Good thing there is “super grub disc”. Just in case any one else has the same experience, super grub disc can boot xp even if your mbr (master boot record) has been erased.

Does anyone know if it will be able to run Wine + Source games (very easy on regular Ubuntu!) nicely with the low latency kernel and whatnot?

Valve games are the only thing stopping Linux being my mainstay.


Check this out! (it’s not the official one, tho)

Does anyone know if I can install and run Ubuntu Studio on a windows computer and stil run windows on it sometimes and Ubuntu Studio some times, maby choose at startup or something…If somebody can tell me how to do this in a simple way (not many strange computer programmer EDB IT guru words) it would be nice.