is uneven distribution of particles over time possible

I’m coming from After Effects and love the possibility to set the particles emitted per frame a lot more than the distribution over time in blender. Is it possible to create a burst of particle that slowly dies out in blender with only one particle system? setting the particles per frame even with bezier curves is very nice in AE, I would kill for this feature in blender.

I don’t think you can do it with one particle system. The particles flow pretty steadily from start to end, and you can’t put a driver on the number of particles to change it during an animation. You CAN add multiple systems to a single object and have them go off in series to create the same effect though.

damned, I hoped adding something like a driver would be possible. I’ll go the adding-additional-systems-route then, thanks for your reply.

Particle systems are pretty easy on computer resources, so combining multiple systems offers some added flexibility in what you can do. I did something similar to what you want with just two systems and a noise modifier to drive the emissions. Can’t remember offhand how I did it but I’ll dig it up and see.

I’m very interested in things even losely resembling some driver thingy for the particles :slight_smile:

You can do it with particles textures.
In a BW image influencing Time setting, black pixels means where particles are emitted at start frame of emission, white pixels at end of emission and levels of grey will correspond to in-betweens.

So, to vary density through time, you just need to cover a smaller area or an higher area for corresponding level of grey.

I was able to get a single emitter to do something like you wanted, using boids, which are easier to manipulate.

What I did was put keyframes on the Lifetime value, starting at about 50 and reducing it to 0 over the length of the animation. I had to play with the start/end values for the emission to balance the effect and get it to look like a burst that fades slowly, or else they tended to appear to implode at the end.

I’ve also played around with fluid particles to get a burst of particles that lingered in the air and slowly faded like a cloud of smoke, for my tank cannon. I had to play with the Drag and Damping values to do it, but it wasn’t difficult.

Thanks for your input. I’ll try both variants. I hope the texture one works like outofthebox as I have a vague idea how to do it. Boids sure look interesting thanks for that piece of info, I’ll investigate :smiley: