Is `verticle only' grid snap possible?

When I make a 1/2 model, I’d like to be able to constrain the middle points to one verticle plane so when I duplicate, mirror, and join the two halves the points match up perfectly. The only option for `snap to grid’ seems to be generic and applies horizontal as well as verticle snap. Is there a way to snap to grid vertically but not horizontally?

Don’t you use the mirror modifier?
Go to the Blenderwiki and learn about it: is has, among other things, a ‘Do Clipping’ option that keeps you from accidentally cross the mirror plane.


Thanks, and no, I haven’t learned to use that yet. I will certainly learn it now.

Yes. Mirror modifier is definitely the way to go. It will do the whole process for you with just a few mouse clicks. And if you edit one side of the model (before you apply the modifier) it will automatically change the other side. Works like a charm.