Is video stabilizing not working in 2.74?

I’ve been trying to find some tutorials about video stabilization using the clip editor in version 2.74. I have found a couple, but when I follow the tutorial, my project doesn’t do what the tutorial does at the same step(s). While looking for more information, I read that the upcoming 2.75 will “fix” video stabilization issues, and have other improvements. So does that mean that in 2.74, there are problems with 2D stabilization? That might explain why I can’t recreate what the tutorial(s) are doing when I try. Otherwise, there must be something important that the tutorials left out, like some basic setting or something.

Just checked. Remember to select tracker then turn on 2D stabilise in the properties panel, then add the selected track to the 2D stabilise list. In the node editor I added the movie clip and routed its output through a 2D stabilise node.