Is Volumetric Light and Shadows in the Works for BGE?

Hello, I read somewhere that BGE would receive volumetric light and shadows at some point. Any confirmation on this? And if so, any updates on the progress?


Faking it would be better, volumetrics just takes alot of cpu, so no framerate=no game
you could have what you do in the game set up a render, make the thing and have it happen when it is done, like I push around a bunch of objects that affect sim, then when I push a button labeled “Start” this data is sent to another copy of blender and I see a loading/time remaining screen in game, or a this whatever will be done charging/forming/whatever , and when its done the rendered out(only on a single view angle mind you) and then can be called on to overlay onto the scene, and invisible force objects could effect the scene :slight_smile: and look like the volumetric is :slight_smile:

I was thinking of fog, but this can work for lighting to, but it would take a very long time in a 3d game, in an isometric with a fixed camera angle it would be a snap.

The BGE candy branch has some form of volumetric lighting, but it currently has a limitation in that it won’t work if the only thing behind the light radius is the background.

As a result, it’s likely not ready for trunk inclusion, the idea of the candy branch is to create a testbed for graphical features so they can be merged into trunk one feature at a time.

thanks for the reply where can I find the latest candy branch download?