Is world texture possible in viewport ?

Having been playing a bit with equirectangular textures, i’m wondering if it’s possible to display them in viewport when you set them up in the World tab ?
They’re appearing correctly in the render but i haven’t been successfull in making them appear in viewport like i want making it hard to find the angle i want.

The only 2 ways i found were :

  • use Cycle and configure the world texture with it, then switch to Rendered Display to see the world texture appearing in viewport, problem of this is that navigating the camera (SHIFT+F) in Rendered Cycle viewport is a real pain on my system, not practical at all when trying to find a nice angle.

-add an UV Sphere in perspective view, scale it so the camera is inside, then in Edit Mode U -> Sphere Projection , then press F6 and set the direction to “Align to Object” and disable “Correct Aspect” (and assign the equirectangular texture to this object) and there i obtain something very similar to the world texture (if i give a shadeless material to the uv sphere). finding a nice angle for the render is easy from there.

So is there a way to display directly the texture i assigned to the world instead of using one of those 2 workarounds ?


Sorry for bringing back this old thread, but I wanted to do the same thing today, and a quick google didn’t give me any results, but this setup seems to work well enough, if theres an easier way please tell me.