Is your eye good enough?

This is just something fun I wanted to do. I wanna test everyones eyes. The chanlange is to decide if this is created with blender, a real pic, or a mixture of the two? Any way I just want to say that I made this image myself. U decide… :smiley: if u dare


You forgot to upload it?

ok, sorry bout that

Looks like the peppermints are made in 3d

mints and perhaps the coins could be 3d, but the glass definately is a photo.

I think its all photo.

mints = 3d
glass = photo
pen & coins = probably photo

therefore a mix

only coins are blendermade

I think coinds are computer generated, and maybe the mints. Nice picture. :slight_smile:

I wanted to vote for a mix, but I somehow selected the middle option… So remove one from there and move it down to mix. :slight_smile:

Pen mints and coins are CG, possibly the table too. Wall and glass are definedly froma photo.

Mix - mints and coins are Blender

I think its all Blender except the glas. You probably render a glass and replaced it with a photo. Thats what I guess…:smiley:

It’s all photo.
Just look at the DOF and the blurry edges. Too real.

the pen has a shadow that doesnt match the scene, meanong it was probobly rendered and then added with the wrong light lol

At first: If you have any cg in this, than this is almost perfectly unnoticeable.

The glass: The reflections and mirrorings on the glasse look very real. The shadow on the wall and the caustics on the background wall are too good to be blendered. Don’t know if blender or yafray is capable of such realistic reflections.
One thing that etches me are the bubbles. They seem a bit strange. Looks like the liquid inside is icy. The liquid seems to be some carbonated stuff, like coke. Therefore I guess it is coke on the rocks. The texture on the glass seems very random. I don’t know if there are such good noise generators which would trick my eyes into believing a texture. Bottomline: I guess the glass is real.

The coins: Look very realistic. They are pretty unregular. Basicly too unregular to be cg. They look very worn out. Bottomline: The coins seem to be real.

The pen and the pepper mint capsule: They look extremely real. And extremely convincing. The pen seems to have artifacts at the dent for the fingers. It has some strange mirrorings. Looks like a picture of an island. The capsule has not enough shadows. It looks a bit displaces where it is. But apart from this, especially the capsule looks perfect. What bothers me a bit is the metal texture on it. Bottomline: Pen and capsule are cg.

Most obvious problems, especially when looking very close, are the lighting and the shadows. The bottom floor, has a very different lighting than the rest. This lighting causes the shadows for the pen and some of the shadows of the capsule.

But this lighting is different from the lighting of the coins and the glass. The coins are in an area where they should be much brighter than they are.

The main shadows of the pen and the coin vectors to the back left, while the main shadows of the glass vectors to the right.

So at least the front part of the floor is cg. The back wall seems to be real.



Look at the glass. It has such reallistic smudges on it.
Real picture imo.

Will you give us an answer?
I vote for a mix.

It would be pretty stupid to post a photo in the finished projects-forum but I really can’t believe this is all Blender. So I say: it’s a mix (a really good one).

If it’s all blender,… Congratulations!!! :eek:

Alright, I guess I’ve put you all through enough torture… The answer is… Its a real picture! My Canon S2-IS is amazing. Sorry to dissapoint you all :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool: A camera which does blender! WOW!