Is your rendered image a black screen? This may be why

OK, so imagine working on an animation and finding that your images for part of it are just pitch black. So when your camera is in a certain zone, it renders out a pitch black image. There are many causes for pitch black rendering, but if it’s only for part of it, it may be related to not the scene, not an unlinked compositing issue (especially if it is slowly revealing pitch black and not just suddenly turning black on finishing), not the camera, but another object in the scene. So let’s say your camera is on the inside of a model. Well, this area would not get any light, because it all bounces off the outside. And even if you may think this isn’t the case, you just might not be right. This might be more technical and therefore not your case, but let’s say you have an object you are trying to use to alter another object or join to it using a Boolean modifier. Well, you might be hiding that object in the viewport, so maybe even in rendered viewport shading it looks fine, even from the same view as the camera. However, there is another parameter used to hide objects. So it may not be hidden in your actual render. If you go to the Outliner (list of objects/scenes), and you have this object selected, you might see in this case that the eye icon is greyed out, and yet the camera one isn’t. So if you have your camera inside the zone of that object, it may be inside of a light barrier. So if you click that camera icon, it’ll be greyed out as well, and maybe your problem will be solved.