Is your son a computer hacker?

uh ohez, ima haxor!

What a load of bull…
All of you Linux folks are dirty hackers :mad:
Actually, the author of the article is quite capable of making his audience believe his so called “signs that your son is a hacker”. Now what will happen to the poor kid who’d like a better video card to play Quake? His parents will have him arrested for hacking…

<sigh> I hate to reply to this, but…

  1. This was very very old. (Very old)


  1. it was written as something people might call satire

The website has been dead for years, and if you look up the Wikipedia on it

“… was a satirical web site. It featured articles on politics, religion, technology, history, and sociology, as well as the “Linux Zealot” cartoon series. The site shut down on September 11, 2002, but has since made its archives available…”

Oh no, I own a Mac running OS X!!! OS X is based on BSD!!! Aaaarggghhh!!! I’m a hacker!

  1. it was written as something people might call satire

Don’t listen to him. He’s trying to divert your attention.

Har har, I wear dummies round my neck and install programs without asking, and now I’m going to HACK YOU!
Fear my dummy-wearingness!:rolleyes:

Hehe, nevertheless, it was worth a good laugh

hahah thats just… haha… I used to hack a little bit, but… muahah

HAHAHAH!!! Otaku hacker association, organized around Quake hacker community, uses Lunix to hack trusted and responsible service provider AOL using third world AMD chip and pro hacker program Flash.

Beware the LILO!!!

lol… what a bullsh!t… :smiley:

i didn’t realize this back when i first read it probably in 2001, but its a brady parody.

Yea, it took me a second to realize it, but when I started reading the “signs” I figured it out and laughed.

I loved the part about Linyos Torovoltos…

Lunix :))
New hardware :))
All I can say is that if you read that article and thought “that is my son, I should stop him!” then weva, looser, init! For real.
Please…go out now and TEACH your children how to hack properly, not just script kiddie p0rn b0ll0x but full on 1’s and 0’s.
Tsk… kids nowadays would not know their MFM’s from their IDE’s :)) (omg I am old)


hahaha… sooo stupid… I’m glad it’s a satire.
(they don’t know you can edit the install/uninstall list?)

lunix by linyos! haha! and copying xenix too!

BSD, Lunix, Debian and Mandrake are all versions of an illegal hacker operation system, invented by a Soviet computer hacker named Linyos Torovoltos, before the Russians lost the Cold War. It is based on a program called “xenix”, which was written by Microsoft for the US government. These programs are used by hackers to break into other people’s computer systems to steal credit card numbers. They may also be used to break into people’s stereos to steal their music, using the “mp3” program. Torovoltos is a notorious hacker, responsible for writing many hacker programs, such as “telnet”, which is used by hackers to connect to machines on the internet without using a telephone.
haha… hacking stereos and connecting computers with telnet…

I’m trying that right now.

The comments are definately the funniest. People just couldn’t see that it is satire.


Thank you! This is the best thing I’ve read in ages! Oh, no! I use Flash! I must be a hacker! I also have an AMD processor, I spend more than half an hour on my computer per day (and therefore musting be ‘DOSing’ people), I’ve played Quake, but wait! It gets worse!

I’ve used Linux before AND regulary use ‘mp3 programs’! I also own several white shirts! And, being not so great at sport, I’m a born hacker!

I advise everyone to read this! It demonstrates how, not only stupid, but how illadvised some people are. Also note how overprotective, biast and even slightly racist this guy is! I mean, obviously all hackers are either Russian or Japanese!

is this a joke or is that guy serious?

Uh Oh, according to this I’m a hacker as well :smiley: .

Very Funny Article… Gotta Keep an Eye Out for Those Linux Users…:wink:

So, in ten years’ time, when my daughters are teenagers, and Linux has taken over the world, what should we do then? I’m keeping my old Windows NT4 cd…