Isabella - B and W

Thats my Girl, Isabella.
Made if GIMP using the First and second Pack of Brushes:

Thanks for view. :slight_smile:

My only critique would be that she has a slight milk mustasche. Otherwise it looks great!

that might be a bit of specularity :wink: though i guess its possible you might want to turn that down a bit, then hit the render again :RocknRoll:

LOL… like “Felix_Kütt” says, it is specular… but now that you say, it look like a milk mustasche… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comment! I will reduce the specular :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip man. :slight_smile:

damn… i will give those brushes a try when (if) i get my new tablet. I went postal on my last tablet, so i have to buy a replacement and not really sure if i want to splurge for a wacom or get another UC Logic. On one hand, i would like a wacom, but on the other i would like to eat.

Painting is nice too :smiley:

Give your self a Wacom, its the best of the best. And works fine on all major OS… and don’t use those dawn AAA battery! :stuck_out_tongue:

amazing :wink:
the spec was a bit shocking at first but now that i read the post makes sense. maybe turn it down a bit or sharpen it?

very nice black and white effect. striking. :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:
I’m doing more paintings and when got some time I will do some changes to this one.
thank you again!

This is beautiful! And so is she, lucky you, lol

really nice :]