IsaqueLC Sketchbook

Hey There, Thought I would start a Sketchbook, so I can post all the Blender Stuff I do. Here is what I quickly did today, just wanted a new Background, one that told me something useful, like “WORK”. Any feedback, critics or thoughts are appreciated.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice one, definetely useful as a reminder when being distracted by some cute kitten pics again :wink:
I really like how every character is slightly different, it makes is feel quite natural.
Maybe you could try more compositional stuff with these letters, move them off center, highlight one word, something that catches your eye. Nice start, Im looking forward to more, there isnt much typogrhaphic art around here.

Thank you so much suboptimal! This is what I came up with after some tweaking:

Nice! Now some post pro and it will look even better. Currently, it lacks a bit of depth I think, a vignette and hints of color will help.
Grunge textures do magic, also :wink:
I did a quick mockup to illustrate what i mean:

Keep it up!

Wow! That Looks Awesome! Thanks for the reply. I will defiantly work on it a bit more and use your advice :smiley:
How did you change the background color to be a grunge texture?

Hey, how about this. I kinda of copied you, but I couldn’t get the exact same result. I also re positioned the letters a little bit, brought some foreword and some backward, but just ever so slightly.

Thanks for your feedback :)!

Nice! Really stands out now :slight_smile:

This is what I’ve been up to yesterday and Today. I sketched the first concept in Krita, then I did a quick modeling sheet, also in Krita, Then I modeled him in Blender. The modeling is not done yet, but I thought it would be cool to share it here.

Any critics or feedback is more than welcome. Also, should I have the little belly or not?

I wanted to sculpt something fast, I got tired of modeling for a while, so I sculpted this. I also wanted to try a metal texture, a gold one.

Does anyone now how to change the thread icon? I tried attaching a new image, Uploading a new image but nothing worked. Help please!!:frowning: