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i’ve been working with this for three days now… most probably I still do something with it… if I have the time… (it’s running out)

“silent implosion”


Awesome. Thats the most artistic thing Ive seen on this forum or anywhere else.

I really hope you have an internet site that sells bigsize posters.

no crit, just perfect in anyway.

very, very nice my man.

good comp, good colours (the pink throws me a tiny bit, but its still good) grat style

:Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

Loads of style - loving the work.

basse, I have said it before and I will say it again, you have one of the most definitive styles of any artist I have seen. Always insiring work.

BTW, I feel like him somedays. :wink:



thanks for the kind words!

bigbad: i have site, but no posters. i put this under concideration… whole poster thing. it comes up every now and then.


I’ve not always been a huge fan of your style, but this one is GREAT. Just some minor aliasing in high contrast areas, if you can fix that it’ll be just perfect.


edit: How about a making of? I’d love to see how you put it together.

the modeling is very nice, and i imagine very hard to do in blender.

the title and content is a little scary though?
“Daddy go bang?” and what appears to be a man with a head being blown off, infront of his family?

i think you have great artistic skill, i just hope you are doing ok dude. just my first reaction is a little bit different then everyone else.

Simply amazing :o

BTW, how much postprocessing…?

Same thoughts here, a few lines is one thing…

…but this piece simply ROCKS! :smiley:

Mood is a little -ve and scary and like everyday life (life of a tired responsible person) but I guess that is what you are tryin to put in. Great work

I agree, this is my favorite of all your works I’ve seen. The composition is very strong, but the top sill of the window shoots way over the focal point. If you exagerate the perspective you could bring the sill down and direct the viewers eye back to the figure.

I agree that you have a very distinctive style. I think the sofa is a bit bright and draws my attention away from the characters. It also has flat edges on the cushion and appears to be unnaturally lit from below.

The little girl’s dress also has some flat edges near the bottom.

It’s hard to tell what are mistakes and what is supposed to be there. The girl seems to have two hands, one reaching towards ger mum and the other holding her hand or is that maybe the woman’s thigh?

Also the little girl’s ear seems to have been pasted at the top of her right arm.

The whole image reminds me of the animation that was displayed over at CGTalk about the down and out animator where characters have parts missing. I can’t remember what it was called. Except this looks more painted.

Is this perhaps a symbol of how you are feeling working on project orange? If not, get back to work ;).

:o that’s an original idea. great! [!]

i love it! plus i love the sofa! this belongs on a gallery wall. although to me the situation seems somehow humorous…

great stuff basse. i love the way you faked crosshatching. i will remember that. i stumbled onto robertts ‘sketchy’ technique the other day too. between the two things a pretty convincing ralph steadman could be made.

Beautiful as always basse. You should definately start selling your works as posters. I know alot of art fanatics that would like to add works like this to their collection. You’ve got the skill, you’ve got the renders, now start making some money! :wink:

Even though i don’t know what the title says in the forum but i think its goood

thank you!

some quick answers:

it’s not really as bad as it might look, the guy is simply sort of falling apart… not blowing a head off… even tho it might look like so…

it’s a crushing feeling of what you get when leaving the family behind. this is the last moment before leaving, when it truly hits you.

sofa is rendered with the same light setup as the rest of the screen. it’s one sun lamp and AO. I’m not sure what you mean by flat edges, but if you are talking about low subd-level, that’s intentional.

I post some details later to explain what is what, but things are quite intentionally mixed up, like that hand joining the head… I kind of look at it closely and then just follow the lines and the flow of the form, trying to avoid how it should be in reality, but more concentrating just on the shape… hard to explain. I break things up and put them back together, but not necessarily like they used to be.

I check the window sill thing… didn’t pay much attention to that really…

postprocessing… there is definetely gimp work there… some of the stuff I painted, like the stain like darker areas behind the man. and some of the black behind the woman…


I meant the flat edge on the side of the seat. It doesn’t match the arm-rest for example:

Do you do that in post-pro or in Blender? It looks like it would be pretty hard to do in Blender but I guess then you get the added advantage of rendering from a different viewpoint and not having to start from scratch.

I check the window sill thing… didn’t pay much attention to that really…

Yeah, I was going to say he looks a bit short relative to the other objects but then I figured he was falling apart so I guess he would be. Changing the perspective would help with the sense of proportion because it would look like he was further away as well as focus on him like kitsu said.

I don’t know if that room is a good setting for the meaning of the picture though. The stance of the figures reminds me of a scene where daddy would just be about to board a train. There would perhaps be motion blurred people transparent enough so that they don’t distract from the main characters walking between them and a long set of tracks going into the horizon. That would probably be a lot of work though.

It’s just that at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any way of knowing that he is going somewhere because there is no means of escape. There is no door and even the window is opaque (not that he would be leaving via the window) but it shows there is somewhere he is going.