Isidoro Rojas.

Upgrade - Video editing!

Hello this is my new project.:o
The idea is to make a short … sometime. :slight_smile:
The software modeling and rigging was Blender 3d.
Sculpt Blender and Zbrush.
Paint Mudbox and krita.
Render engine Vray 3.0 for Blender.
Composition and color. Krita and RawTherapee.
Comments are welcome!

looks like the kinda guy you’d see riding around on a skateboard, good stuff!

Thanks! Skateboarding is coming!

Very good! I love it.

Wow !!

Great character design! Good job!

Amazing! ! !

Woah amazing!

Love it!
Tip top from top to bottom, including backdrop.
Love them dreads, he needs a Puya T-shirt!

thanks guys!:smiley:

Wow - Awesome!!

Very good job! I really love the skin, eyes and dreadlocks. Don’t you mind sharing your setting (nodes) for skin and hair, please.

those dreads are amazing looking

To create the hair, use two sets of particles. Both with children and various configurations of variation.

The material of hair has created with a vray Hair2 material. And mixing image texture and linear color.

For skin, was used sss2 complex vray material, and mix vraymat standard and mix Reflection node material.
One texture color for sss, and one for bump and mask and sepcular.
See the node pick.

Thanks for coment!!

What is the reason for you choosing Vray instead of Cycles?

really good work! congrats!!!

superb work :slight_smile:

I want to commend you for learning and using so many different apps - while at the same time I have to ask: why?
Why didn’t you just do it all in Blender?
I’m not saying you should, or implying that you are obligated to, just genuinely curious why you felt it necessary to invest time/energy in so many different directions to achieve your result.
Because the more proprietary your workflow becomes, the less compatible it is with others in a team or studio setting.

That aside…
Really nice work here. Whatever or why-ever your workflow, it seems to be working out well for you. At this point I’d say the only things left are to decide on a storyline, make a storyboard, and animate this guy! I hope to see you do something with this character in an animated form. There is much potential here. I’m already impressed, but would love to see you take it to the next level.

hahah kewl! rockon bro, looks really nice… curious for your animation now

really love the hair…