Isidoro Rojas.

Cool character! Like style, very subtly done! Excellent particle look! :slight_smile:

im sorry but what is vray is it something in blender? im confused sorry :confused:

The reason is the control that allows me vray, and small render times.

See for yourself.

Hi thanks for comment!
The reason for using these programs is …
Each of these pieces of software were created for a specific purpose.
I love Blender. But there are things that still can not give me.
For that reason. I choose to use Blender for what it does best.
I hope that can answer your question.
Sorry for my poor English.

Top notch work. Really love the hair. Hope I can achieve what you have done.

Hey Isidoro, I’m curious on how you manage to make the hair using a gemotery. Any tip or turoail for that?

I very strong concept, lets start work under game and you gain billions euros by sales. Angry birds will dead soon, if you do it!

That looks great! Nice feel of the character and hair texture. :slight_smile:

I love this! Truly amazing - all the details…the facial expression, and even how the character is posed.
I also love the mixed workflow. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more about how you modeled the hair!

He looks like a kid I knew when I was growing up! You got to let me animate him i know how he moves.

Gotta love Vray’s noise-free low rendertime

Makes me want to see a universe around him. very nice!

Remembers me totaly on Beavis and Butthead ^^ is it your intention?

Oh wow! Awesome work! I didn’t know vray was available for blender.

INCREDIBLE!!! Congrats!

Thanks guys!
Upgrade - Video editing!

did anyone get intouch we him about a dreads tutorial

can you make a tutorial of how you made his hair

I do not speak English my friend.
You should find someone else who can help.