Island castle.

I wont have much say in what I will be making, but I did a fast previsual in blender and Photoshop of along the lines of how things will look. I focus more I candy eye stuff since the stupid guy is so freeking picky. Anyways he wants photorealism.

Its suport to be a cd cover design, he is so picky and still has no idea wth he want so I am wasting a lot of time just coming up with his ideas in 3d.
This is what he was asking for the first time:

But then want to kill the forgound and put a Caslte in it with water and houses on in the valley =_+.

good luck! you’ll need it :-?

i should make the water more on the foreground, it looks like the water is only at the back of the castle now, also try to make the castle bigger, more detailed.

is that terragen btw?