Island Scene & Roof tiles video tutorial

download the scene file
have a fun
medium size (1280x1024)
small size (640x480)

Layer 1.: Scene
Layer 2.: Water & Sky
Layer 3.: Roof tile

Blend file (zip) mirrors

mirror 1:

mirror 2:

Looks realy good so far.I really like the water shader.

how did you achive the water look i am interested to know, also how did you make the roof tiles.


Roof tiles tutorial: Available


small (20 mb) wmf (work with Windos Media Player and doesn’t work correct other player /BSplayer etc./ :frowning: )

(i’m working on a another quality video)

Roof tile and whole roof modelling tutorial video

link: (wmf 30 MB)

The roof and roof tiles modell file (blend)

link: (blend ~500KB)

Thanks for the tutorials they will come in very useful.:):cool:

Question: using the array modifier version of this roof, what is the best way to apply dirt? When we were in Costa Rica, we saw these awesome tile roofs that had moss and ferns growing on them. How would we do that here? I can see placing ferns, but was thinking to use like a cloud texture for dirt and a tiled image form moss (or maybe even a cloud tex with colorband). Placed on the tile object, it looks really fake as it repeats with the tile, and the moss grows across tiles in random (actually probably life-style or fractal-style) pattern.

Blend File:


Nice. Only problem is I missed this when it was first posted and deleted the files :frowning: . Would you mind resubmitting so the files are available for another month? :slight_smile:
Oops.:o Missed the mirrors. Never mind.

This is on
(It’s a very good fileshare :wink: )

No, nothing! Could someone please mirror these valuable files? (tutorial video, blend files, shaders, etc).