Hi, this is my latest picture:) . Render with yafray + postprocess.


Hi, great work, I like it.
Only I would sugest wet look in the contact zone between sea and rocks, a darker band of wet rocks.

wow! great texturing and modeling! I have one question… how did you build the tree? I’ve tried arbaro but it crashes when i try to export as .obj file for blender…


Sweeet! :smiley:

Wow, that’s sweet. 5 stars from me. The only (minor) crits is that the tree occludes the view to the island in the distance. I feel it should be better to move that island to the right so we can see it.

really nice.
the light and feeling of the image are great,
imho if you want a masterpiece you shoul work on:

the tree
tha standing person
the story (i mean make something happen inside the scene to make it more interesting)

Very very nice. My only crit is the castle seems a little like a toy(not in texture or quality, but in size). I mean, it looks like a miniature. No big problem though. I hardly noticed it. Great work.

Nice. :slight_smile:

I agree that the castle looks a bit like a toy.


Very nice, and it also tells a story!

excellent work:)

one small crit, the telescope is too large in relation to the rest of the scene

Beautiful picture man, great job!

If I may ask, how did you go about to make the grass?

so many replies, thanks:)

Alvaro: hello, thanks for nice feedback, i will see what can i do

zachboy82 : i´m sorry i have no experience with arrbaro yet so i can´t help you - maybe someone with more experience :slight_smile:
(i have made the tree in postprocess)

N-Gon, quantum: thanks

cipix:5 stars - great, thanks very much

bullx: thanks for hints and good luck with your images

mindblender, Aligorith,lilo: thanks, i know

MrMuscly:thanks, grass is also made in postprocess

One quick question…what’s the focal point of this image? The modelling is all very well done, but I found my eye wandering a bit over the image. There doesn’t seem to be any distance between the bank and the castle so that throws the perspective of the image off slightly…maybe some DOF? Anyways, very nicely done.

Very lovely scene, I love the age proceses you’ve done whit it. My only crit is, that the man standing on the shore looks far too static, like he’s frozen in that position he is in. Maybe if you’d just change his position, like he’s trying to get the attention of the other person in the boat.

Can you please render a 4:3 ratio without the sepia postpro? I would love to have this as my desktop.