Isle Of Eight Inside Cover

This is part 2 of the updated cover for the Isle of Eight album. The village was created in Blender internal, and is inspired by Cornish coastal villages such as Port Isac, Polperro, and Looe (where my mother lives). There was considerable sleight of hand in setting up the perspective, But the constraints of CD page proportions, and the future addition of text required this layout. Post production was done in Photoshop, and there is a small amount of photo manipulation, in the form of the Artist as a wannabe buccaneer.

A small crit: the perspective is noticeably mismatched between the dropped in artist’s room and the village scene. At the very least don’t have a tiled floor so it’s not so noticeable…

Also the lighting in the room is very peculiar and not convincing… the candles are in front and below the artist but the light on the face is from above and right?? candles near the ceiling cast a circular light? And are much too near the ceiling for safety. In addition, they appear to light the ceiling (outside the circle of light) with less intensity than the floor, which at that distance should be very dark.

I understand that this part is probably all illustration and not render, and looks like very a nice painting job!

Thanks for the crit, it is helpful particularily where the lighting is concerned, and I am thinking that I may have jumped the gun by putting this up as finished. Oddly though, the room itself, window frame, candles, and tiled floor are rendered as part of the same scene as the rest of the village, (not composited), the only thing that is 2d are the human figures. It is my bedtime right now but tomorrow I will put up some screenshots from different angles to show how it is put together. Also if possible I will ask for this to be moved as I feel it is probably not finished after all.

Ooh look, I’ve moved!:yes: