Isle of Man basic maritime route 32 miles - past ages

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Changing ftom the work in progress section to completed games. However simulations can never be completd as there will always be more details that can be added.

Starting from the Solway Firth and working around coastal UK.
Also trying to set the era to the age of sail and or paddle steamers but the docks and harbours can only be approximate as they changed continually over the decades.

When the routes reach 7 to 10 different routes I will need to rotate them as limited bandwidth (add one, remove one),
Refer to my site for downloads and details.Not for commercial use, Starting from the Isle of Man and basic Douglas Harbour.
One ‘drivable’ sailing flat.

Each route will have a seperate thread. If updated at some time it will have a new version number.
Basic details. Download zip. Extract route fle from zip file.
2.79b. Drivable if included wasd, tfgh, ijkl.
Animations if available such as starting ship movements keys 1 to 9. Roaming camera home/end arrow keys.

To have both options in a simulation is easy enough by including scenarios (mini game) in the simulations such as collecting cargoes, recuing crewman from the water and so on.However I am no longer inlcuding these automatically as that would need several people interested.
I will keep the animations to starting the ships on preset courses using the timeline.

I will probably keep this route available as it illustrates how larger routes can be made. Also the nextt route Annan I will keep on line as it has some reasonble content. The other routes I will have to rotate. I will start a new thread for the next route which will be Annan. These follow around the coastline but seperate as not connected together as regards making them.


P.S. Further posts re. routes back to work in progress part 3

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