ISN Excelsior

This is my latest spaceship, please let me know what you think…

C & C’s welcome…:yes:


First things first - never use that background colour for rendering again!!

Now that that’s sorted… The spaceship’s looking nice so far, obviously some more detailing needed but I’m sure you’re working on that! Some other angles would be nice if at all possible :slight_smile:

Sorry about the colour, it could have been worse I almost freaked out and went with PINK!!!… But the medications taking effect now, will post some other angles later…

Here is Excelsior from different angles as requested:

  • Above bow
  • Side
  • Stern
  • Above
  • Below

…I hope the background is now suitable, this seems more in keeping with the subject than blue/pink(?):evilgrin:


The top and bottom are almost identical. Are you going to add something to change this?

haha, much nicer background!:wink:

You definitely need to make the top and bottom more distinguishable, as Easton said…

I’m sure you already know that it needs much more detail added (before you start texturing it)… I think it’s too long as well, but that’s just my personal taste probably!