Isn't discombobulator fantabulous

Well, it is. This is just that with a noise shader on the resulting geometry. I might work into something like this at a later date, to get it more ‘real’ looking. Seventeen seconds to render in Blender internal. Sorry, I couldn’t get thumbnails to work…

Waah, it’s a city :o

17 secs to render, maybe.
But it usually takes me ages to apply the discom… to a mesh.

Looks great, but unless it is a swimming pool at the bottom, that blue patch really bothers me :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s pretty cool! I’m gonna go download the discombobulator now. :slight_smile:

The discomboblutar is packaged with Blender now if you are runningthe CVS versions. I can’t remember if it was in 2.38.

Just open a script window and you will find it under the Scripts -> Mesh menu. It’s a fun tool for sure.

very nice effect

Just a question - pardon my niavity, but what is the discombulator, and how do you use it? Good mesh by the way…

Go to your scripts window, there you can open several python scripts (they have the extention .py). Here you can apply this to any mesh.
Basically what it does is create small forms on your mesh making it ideal for Star Wars like ship surfaces or rocks.

Lol, I’d forgotten to go and download the discombobulator, and then a while later I was looking around in Blender’s menus and found the “Script help” thing and found the discombobulator from there, along with all the other packaged scripts in Blender, :o they got me really excited. :smiley:

Thanks for the help, Kirpre; And thanks for pointing out how cool this script can be, Gmanx. :slight_smile:

So, are the results of the discombobulator (or any script) available for commercial use?

yeah 8)

I really like the style of this.

I ran the script on a square plane, then copied it about six times. A lot of what sells this is the simple pixellated noise shader applied to the mesh. Next up is trying to get an incandescent pass to work, with low-level high contrast noise to provide window lights in the buildings.

That’s cool. Reminds me of SimCity. It would be funny to make an animation of Godzilla stomping through the town.

You should add roads and some cars.