Isn't it interesting...

I am well aware that there have been several posts on here concering our thoughts and opinions on the world we live in.
However, it recently occured to me, that the opinions vary so widely and to such a huge degree…that the answers are simply too large and different to fathom.
One day, I was at school, when I said to some of my friends;
“The world is a beautiful place isn’t it?”
And she shot back.
“No, it isn’t.”
Does anyone here feel the same way?
I, personally, think the mere existance, and science, and occurances, and history of this planet, and the simple things that we can appreciate, and how the possibilities of this planet are just as infinite as they are accessible is amazing.
But from a social standpoint?

I suppose it is determined on several factors and the combinations each play on yourself and how one reacts to these from a physical, spiritual and mental perspective.