Isn't orange fashionable?

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine who is ever so much more into open source than I was informed me about a wonderful program called The Gimp. Which was like photoshop and it was free! Of course I was sceptic, I mean… come on, have you seen some of the open source stuff on the internet? (Also I “grew up” with free-ware and share ware so pardon me for being a bit sceptic.)

Anyway, so I got around to getting The Gimp. (he actually got it for me since ADSL was still only for rich people and big business.) Was I impressed? Yes… and no. Photoshop just completely blew the Gimp out of the water… at least for me. So I decided to let him get on with his odd fascination of “Open suckiness”, while I went on enjoying working on the REAL software. Well, needless to say, it all went on swimmingly and life could only get better if one day all of those (expensive) tidbits were presented for my consumption on the wonderful flaky pie pastry that was called Apple Mac.

Alas, by the will of Jobs I never got to taste the flaky pastry. (Which in recent years I’m afraid to say has gotten a bit more flakier and tastes more…PCier?)

So (for those of you who has continued to read thus far) I started looking for other things to do on my home PC, free things. (and at first - things of the gaming kind) And being naturally inclined to spend most of my time with my head up in the clouds (if you haven’t noticed) I came across something called… Orbiter. Oh boy. The graphics wasn’t all that wonderful, but hey I remember playing Elite Frontier so go figure.

And THAT is what got me hooked on open source. Then I bumped into something called Celestia… which expanded my general understanding of our universe and at the same time made me feel small, yet unique, alone yet safe. (If you don’t know what Celestia is Google it and enjoy) We really are so silly with our petty squabbles.

Anyhoo, so how do we get to Blender from here? Well obviously open source.
You see I had heard of Blender before, but never really took the time to investigate. (Note to self, build time machine, go back in time and kick self in a*se.) So it finally got to the point where I asked my friend to DL it, and some basic tutes. In fact I almost gave up upon seeing the tutes, since the “renders” (and the only pictures I got to see) of Blender seemed pathetic and limited. (See my {unread thread} on tutorial standardisation.) But something endeared and soon I had access to ADSL. Then I finally got to see Blender in all it’s capacity.

And let me tell you I was stunned. :eek:

I am a fervent believer in open source today because of Blender, I’m a complete noob… but a very proud one at that. I’ve had “real” 3d artists working with “real” 3d programs tell me what a silly twit I am to go on and on about Blender. Bah! Infidels! One day all will be Open… and the world will Blend in harmony.

(Okay so that’s a bit over the top, of course the other programmes have their strengths…but isn’t that where Open Source comes in real handy? Instead of specialising in one thing programmes such as Blender could be adapted rather freely due to the fact that a great many insights are involved when building it? Or am I being a complete idealist?)

this is why I don’t smoke pot

One day, religion won’t exist anymore… and the world will live in harmony :yes:

(For those who have a religion and want to jump the shark: please read again, if you read the above sentence again you’ll notice I wrote it because it’s equally silly. Even a world without religion (or only religion!) will not give harmony, there’s always something to fight over)

Now, what makes this topic “news”?

  1. That’s what the ‘big book’ says:yes:

  2. It makes news because he found open source to be great.

Glad you found Blender worth it.:cool: Now the mods are closing in

Yeah man… ffffffff.:spin: Oh baby, what a nice blend.

Anyway, I don’t smoke pot… at least not a lot. Like maybe 1 a year. :stuck_out_tongue:

And wadda ya mean with the mods are closing in? The moderate conservatives?

=p .

I fail to see how the topic title fits into this other than it being random.

You will never have total harmony on Earth until Blender becomes the Only 3D app. only then will you not have an excuse to start an app. war. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, we’ll find something to fight over.

I don’t think open source is great, I think it can be great. Just like proprietary software.

Open source is great but it doesnt come close to commercial apps. Blender is great and I love it but some commercial apps are way better.

Im not sure how many open source apps im running (i should check my computer) but i know of only one (Blender).

The Gimp is a joke (I guess 300 floating windows that you have to menage is very productive)

Leave pot out of this.

OT, baby! OT! …yeah! :smiley:

I think you’re a ^%$^%$&^%)(%!!! Let’s fight about that! :ba:

Dude. Duuuuuuuude… Dude? DUDE! Duuuuuuude… yeah! :yes:

Yup…and once the new UI comes out people will be saying the same thing about Blender.

How much better would blender be if all these folks crying for new features actually paid money (nothing big, maybe the equivalent to the purchase price of maya or something) to see them implemented?

Imagine the possibilities if the Blender Foundation had 10, 20 or more full time devs on the payroll…

And before people start saying ‘walk the walk’, woo-hoo I’m famous…almost as good as when I was on Mexican TV.

mm, dont feed the trolls.
some people don’t use programs, they just quote whatever they read or heard… and want to tell that to others.
if you would actually sum every opinion together, programs wouldn’t have graphic interfaces at all, because they have buttons in wrong places, and windows and dialogs and all sort of stuff that seem to get into way of actually doing something.

for some reason, we always seem to forget, that this is also about freedom of choice.


Let’s start small, and try for peace on the forum for now, shall we?

If you want that, I bet my posts in this topic have more characters in them than yours:p

Yes, I am a troll because I have a different view from you about GIMP. Good logic!

Didn’t we have this discussion once before?

Look at that, we’ve found something to fight over, and it’s actually about open source software!

I’m proud of you guys, you’ve made my point a valid one :ba:

About me being a troll? I dont believe so.