ISO - Animator for snowboarding game

Hi! Our studio is currently looking for an animator to work on animations for an upcoming game. We are using Mixamo for character models so we have the skeleton in a blender file. We will be exporting to FBX.

The animations will be for a snowboarder so we will need someone with experience setting up IK on a rig and animating to this requirement.

Budget is negotiable.

Current Animations needed:

  • Crouching (squat down and back up)
  • Sway Left/Right
  • Jump

start with these but others TBD

Example of something similar


I’d love to begin working with your studio,
I’ve sent you a PM,




I am Anna, from Red Apple Technologies. I already saw your requirement and interested to work with you. Actually, we have a professional animator. So, can you please share your e-mail id and Skype id? If you share your contact details then I will talk with you. So, please reply me as soon as possible.

I will wait for your kind reply.

Best Regards,