Isocurve selection with NURBS

i’m following the tutorial on working with nurbs (this one )
At a certain time it says:
" Now it’s time to get busy shaping. Your friend is SHIFT + R. Select a CV, press SHIFT + R, it selects one isocurve along either U or V. Press it second time, it changes the selection from U to V and vice versa. This helps in first time shaping and in subdivision. "

" We first select a CV on the outmost curve (far right), press CTRL + R to select the full circle. Then select a circle of CV’s next to it (don’t forget to hold SHIFT while selecting more CVs). Now press W and choose subdivide. And there you have it an extra curve. "

I’ve tried to press this SHIFT + R command but Blender does nothing. Is a command deleted from the old releases? There’s another way to do the same operation to the Nurbs mesh?

Thank you

:-? yes it seems !

Nothing wrong - Shift -R is working fine.
It’s very important to use a surface curve and not a regular curve. :smiley:

Oh yes sorry it works ; sometimes I need to do SHIT+R SHIT+R after one Vertice selected to work but :slight_smile: it works !