Isolate Object view (View Global/Local)

HI everybody,

i was asking my self, if the isolate Object mode (Shortkey: Nummpad / ) will came back in Blender 2.8
It was quite handy, if you ware modeling in a complex scene, without using the layer tools.

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Yes it’s annoying I know ^^

Shift+H to isolate, then Alt+H to get back. It’s only changing display or not, but looks to have same effect.

Yes you have to use hide shortcuts as warnotte pointed out for now.
But having the isolate function back is on the todo, it’s just a bit more complicated to implement now because of the new scene/collection system. Eventually it will be there :slight_smile:

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Sadly, that’s not the same effect. If you press alt+H, all hidden meshes become visible!
If you have a scene with a bunch of hidden meshes and some visible ones, selecting and isolating one and then going back: those hidden meshes will still be hidden.

You’re right

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Thanks for the quick answer guys!!

I hope that they will not forgeth to bring back this featur :wink:

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But it’s too bad that Alt+H will show all hidden objects, including specifying hidden objects.

That is the reason why they are currently working on restoring local view.
By pressing /, you will not affect hidden objects specified by H/shift H.

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It’s interesting to note how several users in this thread called it “isolate”, but the name in Blender is “local”.

“Isolate” is used in both 3D Studio Max and Adobe Illustrator, for example, but yes, Blender vs industry standards is a known issue. :slight_smile:


You can isolate parts in Solidworks and isolate Layers in Autocad.

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Thank you very much, I have been looking for this feature for a long time.:laughing: