Isolate Select [Blender 2.8-2.79]

Local view like a Isolate select of Maya or 3ds Max.

Repeat Local view any number of times.
The view point of view does not change.
It will be useful when you want to edit a specific object with a complicated scene.


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What’s a local view?


Local view is an individual display state that is different from the non-display state and viewport display state.
With Blender’s standard function, once you run Local view again you return to the global view.
So the view point returns to the original.
This makes it possible to switch the Local view smoothly.


  • Keep light display

You can work without changing the appearance of the render view in Eevee.


Blender2.8 …… “Shift + Q”
Blender2.79 …… “Q”


■ 忘却まとめ (日本語での解説)

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is it possible to make an option to keep lights visible while something is isolated? In 2.8 when working in a lit viewport, as soon as you enter local view everything goes dark because all of the lights are gone. I understand why they did it this way, but it’s still useful to have a “work light” while working in a lit viewport- so it could be a good option for those who miss the 2.79 functionality

That is certainly a problem.
It can be said that it is a function to be officially implemented.
I will consider that problem.
Thank !

What is difference between this and shift+H ?


Switch the display state of the object.

Local view

It becomes a unique display state.
It does not affect the display state of objects, making temporary work easier.

  • If Local view is executed again in the Local view state
    … Cancels the Local view state.

  • If the Local view state is entered

  • If the Local view state is canceled
    … View’s viewpoint is zoomed to the object

Isolate Select

  • If Local view is executed again in the Local view state

    • If the number of selected objects is less than the number of display objects
      … Set the Local view state of only selected objects

    • If the number of selected objects is the same as the number of display objects

    • or when nothing is selected
      … Cancels the Local view state

  • If the Local view state is entered

  • If the Local view state is canceled
    … View point of view never changes

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Very useful, thanks.

This tool stopped working after the API changed :confused: Help please.

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・ver1.2.1 Update

  • Blender 2.8 2018.1.5 ver
  • Added option to display light at all times. Eevee Rendering Preview so that it does not change look

・ver1.2.1 アップデート

  • Blender2.8 2018.1.5時点のバージョンに対応
  • ライトを常に表示させるオプションを追加。Eeveeレンダープレビューで見た目が変わらないように

Thank you.

Stupid question…

I wrote this script myself a year ago. It seems there is a forum.

ver 1.2.2 Bug Fixed

Fixed a bug that was stuck due to API change.

  • old → context.scene.cursor_location
  • new → context.scene.cursor.location

ver 1.3 Bug Fixed

  • Fixed the problem that the state of Vertex paint ,Texture paint mode is released
  • Simplify source code structure internally
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ver1.3.2 Bug Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the light display option did not work in edit mode

New demo video