Isolating in Photoshop

Just wondering if there’s an easy way to isolate objects in photoshop from a render? I’ve done a lot of searching but haven’t really found an answer, apologies if this has been asked before.

I’m familiar with the pen tool and can cut stuff out quite quickly, however in the past when I’ve used cinema 4d I could create an object buffer which would add a mask of my selected objects so I could easily pull them out of the background.

Just wondering if there’s a method for doing this in Blender? Am I right in thinking I need to figure out compositing nodes?


Save as PNG format and select RGBA in the Output settings.

Steve S

Also in the render settings check ‘transparent’. You can still keep an hdri, or background lighting, in ray visibility just uncheck camera for a transparent background but still having the light affect the scene.

Awesome, thanks for the help. I’ll give that a go. I guess if I needed to I could do one render with my transparent background as you’ve suggested to isolate that bit then another render if I want floor reflections etc.

I think that should work :slight_smile: