Isolating poly for paint

While in texture paint mode, is there a way to isolate polys for painting? For example, if I just want to paint on one face of a box.

Thx in advance

Select the faces you want to paint and enable Face Selection Masking button on the header


Thank you, Richard. But I still get some spill over into adjacent polys. ??

Check your unwrap, you might have overlap there

no overlap. Using 2.65. I just found & subscribed to your awesome YT channel, Mr. Jones!!

What I mean is that you can have a margin assignable if you use Smart Unwrap, I usually make mine 0.03 so there are pixels between the islands. I don’t normally have this problem with the other methods of unwrapping, but I have differnt ways of arriving at my unwraps sometimes :smiley:

@Craig - that def helps. How does the guy in this video get his polys so clean with no spill-over?

Now I see how the video was done. You have to use 2.69 that offers Mask Mapping (which is painfully slow, btw).

xrg here uses the same settings as default after unwrap, and plenty of room between islands - but no spill either on adjacent faces. Could you show a screenshot of your offending mesh selection, and maybe we can see more of the problem.

Test by subdividing your mesh and then face masking a selection inside one of the other faces and see if you still get spill

It works fine with 2.69. It’s just PAINFULLY slower. Overall texture painting, that is.

Thanks again, Craig

What version were you using? I have been doing most of my portrait work in 2.68a and 2.69, and I used 2.67 for some of the tutorials I made.

I was using 2.68. But I just found this build on Graphicall. Badass fast. I believe this is what xrg was using. Texture paint UI is a bit different from previous versions, but again, MUCH faster than regular 2.69!!

Yes, that is Psy-Fi’s work there, and I did some work with it but haven’t made a tutorial using it really because I got flack for peopel not being able to reproduce the results if they couldn’t get that build :smiley:

Oh well, yes, he has done a lot fo really cool things that should make it in after 2.7

Odd. I hope you’ll reconsider your tutes now that it’s freely available. Oh and thanks for your work on it. The speed increase (among other things) is amazing.