Isolation - UPDATE #2

This is something I did mostly as a texturing excercise. I think it is almost complete but I wanted to know what you think.
Well…here it is

Updated attachment. The wall now has ruststains =)

[EDIT #2]
Updated again. Sorry it took so long, I’ve been too busy with school to fix this up.


Looks nice! only, try making the wall a bit dirtier. The pipes look great, and its looks kinda weird to see such rusty pipes on such a clean and perfect wall. Also, since there are not so many difficuly models in the scene, try to put as much detail in the mesh as possible.

Thanks for replying
Yeah, I agree about the wall. As for mesh detail…I think I’ll fix the textures first…

Update on first post

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personally I think the rust stains ruined it for me. It looked awesome before you put them in.
If you look at stains, they’re usually in a dripping pattern downward. Also yours seem to be too intense, lightening up on it a bit would do wonders I feel.

Yeah, they’re odd. Like ambient occlusion base rust stains. You should add more streaking downwards instead of that weird ‘omni-diffused rust’ you seem to have going on.

OK, updated first post. The ruststains are now uneven.