Isometric camera angle

How do i set up blender’s camera to present an isometric view of an object? I’m attempting to set up blender so I can make some pre-rendered backgrounds for an isometric flash game

thanks :smiley:

just select the camera, go to edit/object buttons and enable ‘ortho’


that’s all it takes!?

heck, roll on blender manual 2.3!

thanks dude :slight_smile:

…Thought i’d post the way i eventually worked this out, in case anyone else wants to achieve something similar;

basically as soon as blender had loaded up, i clicked on the ‘rotate around cursor’ icon, then selected the camera. Went to editbuttons and made it ortho (thanks zeeq!), then in side view, held down ctrl and rotated the camera (around the as yet unmoved cursor) exactly 30 degrees upwards so the camera was facing the centre of the default plane. Then in top view, rotated the camera exactly 45 degrees - this is the perfect isometric set up :smiley: