Isometric Tanks ( full source code)

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Windows 10 download

Ubuntu download

Source code download (includes a brief tutorial)

Hello fellow developers,

this is Isometric Tanks, my first game. I put a lot of effort to make it presentable and playable and I believe did a decent job, so
go ahead and have fun. Also, source code is fully provided and you are free to do whatever you want with it, provided that you
give the appropriate credit.

The game consists of menu.blend, level1.01.blend, etc, that is the menu file and the level files. Each of those files can be opened
and played independently by the Blender 3d program. Everything in the game has been developed by me alone, over the course
of about 4 months, about 200-300 work-hours. Things that are not mine are: the ground texture, which have been downloaded
from Google free texture search, and the brick textures and the musics and effects, which have been downloaded from YouTube.
The music is Greek army marches, some of the best in the world, most of them 80+ years old but still played in parades, schools, etc

Most of all, special thanks are due to this forum, without which I do not know if the game would be possible. Also to BornCG YouTube
channel, for his great series of Blender tutorials.

For 20+ years now I have benefited greatly from the community and it was about time for me to give something back.
I hope my contribution provides fun and inspiration for people.

Take care !

Dimitris Trypakis

PS: I am interested in making this game into a book. If anyone is interested to write the book, or you think you know someone who
would, or a publisher who would, PM me. I also will try to make some contacts by cold calling emailing people.

PS2: I could also need some help to export for Windows XP if possible and also other versions of Linux.

(3D Upgrade) #2

Good job man, the game is great fun

(alf0) #3

Nice work, i really liked the designs, specially the main tank, I made a tank game that I call it, arcadetank It’s not as good as yours, but hers a link

(farhani) #4

Although it is very simple, it is very good! Sygxarhthria mastora!

(dtrip) #5

Thank you all for your kind words. Indeed, although simple, I tried many hours to look into details so that everything is of acceptable quality.
Your comments mean it was worth the effort.

Ευχαριστώ φίλε μου !

(LaCharson) #6

Good job man. i always love military style :yes: