isometric texture dimension conservation

If you look at , you can see I’ve made a cube with marble texture, duplicated into a side cube and another bigger scaled surrounding one.
But on this background cube, stripes have been shrunk.
So how can I enlarge a volume, but keeping dimensions of stripes?

Depends on how you’re scaling
If you use Orco for textureMapping and scale in ObjectMode the texspace will be scaled aswell.
If you’re scaling in EditMode you’ve to scale your Texspace extra.
Select the Cube in ObjectMode and press “T”, then you choose the wanted action from the popup and you can see the Texspace (dotted lines)



And how could I rotate the stripes?

sorry but cannot find that T function
how can i get that ?

is this in UV mode >

No it’s in ObjectMode: T -> Texture Space: Grab/Move

Sadly you can do this just indirect, by Rotating your cube in EditMode.

The best control of textures would be UVMapping.

ok never usec thath one before
whre can i find more doc on this?

this scale how does it relate to the scale in map input ?


This is just for the ORCO Mapping and is called Texspace
somewhere down the site

“T” is scaling the TextureSpace, the “scale” in MapInput on the other side is scaling the Texture.


You could also use object mapping and use an Empty to orientate, position and scale your texture.

I’ll search about