I am trying to render isometric graphics in blender, and I cannot seem to figure out an appropriate angle for the camera. Can anybody sort of help me with positioning the camera (Xpos,Ypos,Zpos,Xrot,Yrot,Zrot,etc.). I just want values, not really an example.

I would love to know this as well. I am trying to build models eventually for a program called Dundjinni, and would love to know this.


Wouldn’t you just enable the orthographic button in the camera edit panel?

Yes you should enable the orthographic view. If I remember correctly the camera needs to be angled down at 30 degrees as well for the classic angle. (Though I suppose this is determined by what degree you are using in your game or animation or whatever. It should probably be constant throughout.) In settings that would translate to the camera having an x-rot (assuming front is actually front) of 60.000 (in transform properties, otherwise just rotate it down 30 degrees).

Orthographic + xRot 60 + zRot 45 to get an isometric 3/4 view. Select the camera and type N to get the transform window.

What would be the best position of the camera? Using the rot values and orthographic it looks like the right angle, but the origin isn’t in the right spot in the camera view (where the lines intersect is too high up on the window (in 2d)).

Can you describe better what you’re trying to do? If you simply want to center the origin in the camera view, I think you would do an Alt-O on the camera, then enter positions so that x = -y, with the above rotations.

:o I did it! WOOT! That x=-y thing helped. I am trying to make graphics for a new game I am making (using Gamemaker) with cooperation from one of my friends and because he is lazy (he just draws the sketches), I have to render the isometric graphics. I am hoping to make this game good, so I decided to make my own graphics.

You could also try using Alltaken’s template blender file that has camera, lighting, and animation for rendering NSEW views.

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