Isometropolis PD

Yeah seen this, looks awesome. Some bits are partially rigging. I’m thinking of having props and scenery have nice bouncy animation while the characters move in sharp pose to pose. Similar to the Johnny Bravo cartoon. Thanks.


Such a nice and creative work. Thanks for sharing !

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Although many (early) games looked like this, for technical reasons or simply because their makers liked Legos®, there’s no reason for your creation to be a game.

You could, instead, tell a story, and the audience would immediately accept the style in which you chose to do it, whatever that style may be.

Also – I would suggest using transitions like the one that you propose, if at all, very sparingly. While they could be used (with an accompanying sound effect) as a sight-gag, that is basically what they would be.

You’ve got a nice color palette here – just be mindful of the contrast. I personally liked a few of the lighting alternatives that you present in the montage, better than the final ones. If the lighting is lacking in hue and contrast, so will the scene and the movie, and you’ll lose an important tool for directing the viewer’s attention throughout the set.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback, taken on board. I know what you mean about the lighting, want to it feel like night but not totally happy with the balance at the moment.

An update to the squad car, no interior or bitmap textures yet but having fun animating with offset noise modifiers in the curves editor.


Fun render! I love the details and the soft lighting.

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I love the way you’ve made these! What kind of materials are you using?

This is totally fantastic!
It’s so fresh and stylish, I just loved the colors, the mood, the “twist” in the models.
I’m amazed!

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Did you use cycles? How many samples did you use? And how many light bounces? It looks awesome!

This is a refreshing change from the more usual pursuit of maximum, photographic realism. Your Images have a nice, distinctive look.

Isomorphic projection is a drawing convention that was designed to simplify the portrayal of 3D objects. Nowadays, with the use of computational techniques, it is no longer necessary (or particularly relevant).
So I love the idea of rediscovering it as the basis for a whole world.

Nice work

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Thanks, at the moment mainly the Principled BSDF as well as the brick and noise procedurals for stripes and wood etc,

Yes, cycles was the renderer. 600 samples with denoiser, everything else as default (apart from switching to GPU). Thanks!

Thanks. In honestly, I’m having to force myself not to go down a more realistic route. I’m starting to think that sketching out everything first before modelling might, although time consuming, be a good way to bypass direct photo references to maintain a more abstract style.

Car scene with more details including markup. I think the image composition is loosing focus a bit.

A new scene sketched out. Really liking the Windows Leonardo app for drawing.


Spent a while experimenting with a stylised cloud material. Now settled with a simple volume material with displacements, Voronoi for the bulbous shape and Hybrid Multifractal for little whisps, scaled and masked with Noise. Mesh created with metaballs, then converted to mesh.


I Like it awesome,

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Really nice work. The squad car animation is so satisfying.

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Those clouds look awesome! Just wondering what’s that ‘Flakey Bits’ node? I imagine it’s a custom one?

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It’s a Musgrave texture node, I coloured and renamed to find it easier. :slight_smile: