Isometropolis PD

A collection of 3D scenes inspired by TV cop dramas, weaved into a sort of show intro, that doesn’t exist… yet.

Music from (CC3)
Sound effects from (CC0)

Modelled, surfaced and rendered in Blender 3D with cycles renderer. Additional rendering via

There’s some making of here: Isometropolis PD and I’m working on a little article that covers more details.


Thanks for looking!


Amazing work, really dig the characters and the style!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Haha, sooo good!

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Awesome video! Too bad we already featured your WIP topic. I don’t know, maybe we’ll feature this one anyway.

For posting multiple images, here’s a little advice (go to the “Posting” section):

Thanks! Updated stills, nice feature.

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this is really amazing !!!

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I #featured it again, I guess we didn’t pay enough attention to notice it was still WIP the first time around :wink:


This looks great, love the style!

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Awesome, thanks :smile:

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Sensational!!! :star_struck:

So, where can I download the movie, mmmm?? :grinning:

(You just “signed up” to produce it, you know …)

Yeah, I grew up in the (koff, koff) 's, where “cop shows” like these were a dime a dozen (but, obviously commercially successful), and some of them were just so stupid that they were great. Personally, I’d love to watch a short film, rendered in just this style, which pays homage to all of them with a sly parody. I think that you’re well on your way. You’ve got the musical style, many of the camera-framing “tropes” of the genre, and a couple of well-named and styled characters who can easily and convincingly star in the show.

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One of the best things i’ve seen done with blender!

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I LOVE THIS. Great job.

Great style and animation just right… lighting is also very well set … Love it

Lovely style and execution! The lighting is spot on :clap::clap:

We asked Louis to talk more about this project in a ‘Behind the Scenes’ on BlenderNation:

Thanks Louis! :slight_smile:

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It sounds like the next Blender open movie will be about…? Just saying

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Que delícia! Parabéns!!!

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