in sound Actuator how to know whether my music track is playing

I think a Actuator sensor may work but I am not sure…

let me check?


it works, here is the logic to get if it’s on or not,

in python it would be

Sound = cont.sensors[‘Sound’]

if Sound.positive: (actuator is on)


soundcheck.blend (1.07 MB)

thanks (Y) …but will it affect performance?

its a racing game and u want to play bgm musicsone after another…

iwill show my workibg script afterward!

1 sensor that trips a property on and off is not a big deal,

actuator sensor is very light compared to a ray or a collision or radar etc

you could however, have your music object add another and remove itself,

Delay-----------------and--------------add object
_________________-------------end self

but you would need to know exactly how long the song is in frames :X

You can also make playLists with aud module:

(Sorry if I misanderstood the problem)


you read my mind!

anyway i wanted to make my own version so that i can get berter grip with the BIG PY .