Issue #5 Blenderart mag now released

Welcome to Issue #5, Modeling Techniques and Python Scripts.
In this issue we have focused on different methods of modeling, trying to explain why any given method is used, as well as some insightful articles on python scripts, UV mapping and how to set up blueprints for use in blender.

Also be sure to check out our gallery of wonderful images submitted by very talented members of our community.

Table of Contents:

Blender Material Library (Script)
Gen3 Tree generator (Script)
Modeling Rupert ‘Edge modeling’
Kitchen work s ‘Spin modeling’
UV mapping techniques (low poly)
Setting up blue prints in Blender.

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hurries to download

Thank you for this! I still have to catch up and finish reading the other issues.

bloody marvelous, thanks to all involved.:D:D:D:D:D:D:):):):):D:D:D:D:D:p

Love the monkey…

Thank you very much. This is only the 2nd tutorial to date that I have written. I hope no one has any real problems following it.

This is as usual, a very well thought out magazine. I think that no one could get lost too much in the tutorials.

Actually This issue as a good variety of tutorials that I believe will help to make the new user aware of blenders capabilities.

I remember that during the orange project, some of the team put up a video tutorial showing their modelling techniques, especially focused on subdivision modelling, I don’t know if it is possible to get the guys to give their input by doing such a tutorial for your magazine, But I remember that that tutorial helped me alot to get things going in regards to subdivision modelling. Maybe such a tut could help others out their as well. Just a suggestion. Not a request. I love your articles always. They are invaluable to us users. Once again, Thank you.

I really appreciate the work all the that goes into making each issue.



do you know where to find that tutorial?

ok it’s downloading but slow… everyone that’s downloading it STOP!! untill i’m done

looking forward to reading it:)

:slight_smile: I found an error, on page 4 it says press [alt + MMB] to select an edge loop, it should be [alt + RMB]

You guys and lovely lady always do a fantastic job with this.

Too bad I don’t have the free time to keep up the CJ. Maybe I could help you all with some stuff going forward? Doing an entire CJ is just too time consuming, but I would be more than happy to do articles, etc.


BgDm we would love to have you work with us. Next issue is Architecture and Game Engine. Let me know if you want to contribute.:smiley:

Hi, congrats for this new issue. I would like to help as well with some yafray stuff, maybe in the next issues.

This looks to be the most useful – to me, at least – issue yet released. Thanks so much.

However, I had a problem trying to retrieve the library python script with the provided url. I couldn’t hyperlink in the pdf, so I typed it in manually. Instead of going straight to the script, I went to the host site and immediately had a lot of pop-ups, one of which was to a porn site.

I’ll continue looking for that script on my own, but I’d appreciate a link if someone has it.

Again, thanks for a very good edition of the magazine. Also, I like the new index format that lets me skip ahead. I’m a jumper-arounder. :smiley:

Hey BgDM,
Just woke up and got a pleasant surprise, we would be honoured to have in our ranks :D. Just PM’d ye.

Alvaro, that’s cool well I was actually hoping that you write some thing after so long :wink: looking forward to hear your ideas.

Trog I think we do owe an apology on that account, unfortunately in Scribus I feel the current method of linking is painstaking, so we just got lazy. We will bring it back in the next issue including getting it back on schedule.

In the mean time here are the two authors whose scrips were featured

Keep up the great work!! I look forward to these and keep them all in a folder right on my desktop.:slight_smile:

it would be cool if we can have an issue of the mag without the image at the end in addition to the regular one.
lighter to download, easier to open and less memory usage for those who blend on small computer.

This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you:

Next year (Issue #7 for a bi-monthly) I feel that it would be appropriate for BlenderArt to begin accepting advertising. Here are a few reasons why I feel this is appropriate.

  1. Support for
  2. Valuable community resource. Think classifieds: help wanted, employment, business services.
  3. Reward for active contributors.

There are more. How many community journal and magazine efforts died due to lack of time, effort, MONEY, (bandwidth costs even on your home server). If it takes money to buy time and effort to keep this beautiful work alive then I say it is honorable.

You can say all you want about money and greed but perhaps those who are most willing to contribute freely and passionately by creating Blender and BlenderArt are the ones most likely to resist the temptation. Besides there is always the community to keep things in check.

Have you head the saying “Money is the root of all evil”? Many people don’t know the full saying is “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”. Big difference.



oops freudian slip??


I love the magazine, each issue is packed with useful stuff I can use.
I have no problem with advertising, I know how expensive these things can be.

While we appreciate your concern, at this point all the magazine is costing us is time. We get free hosting from, which we love and appreciate.

We have discussed this at various points over the last year. And while it might come up in the future, right now we have no plans to look for advertising.

Although if someone wanted to send us amazing amounts of money out of the goodness of their heart, we could be talked into spending it :stuck_out_tongue: